I believe in God, mermaids, and true love. ✝☪♡
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Loreal's Trove
Seriously the only cool thing about Indiana choosing to still have it’s cold spells is me being able to wear my Simpsons beanie. ✨💖✨
Made this cute little baby while being snowed in. ♡
Making these, if anyone’s interested.
♡🌸♡ Hi peasants. ♡🌸♡
Made this Little Mermaid Instagram theme tonight. Follow me on instagram @lo_elder and then message me on here if you’d like it for yourself. <3
These are the kinda things I tweet. Cool kids, follow me. 😚💕 @lo_elder
What’s left from last night. #myuglymug
My main girl. <3 #myuglymug
I look like an ogre, but this seriously made me laugh so hard. #myuglymug
celebrating that vday with left over candy. <3
My Valentine’s Day outfit yesterday.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. <3 hope it’s a day full of love for you guys.
New Avi. <3