lexichristinaw: I want one too :P

lets get them! <3

uno-due-uno-sei-deactivated2012: you're freakin' adorable.

unf. :3 you’re crazy! but thank you so much! <3

Anonymous: topless photo?

oh yeah sure, how about if a million people like this…. I’ll think about it.

it ain’t even tuesday.

Anonymous: You are so beautiful. Looked at your pictures for the first time today, and you are like perfection from a webcam.

<3 omg! whoever you are, anon, you are crazy! I’m far from perfection. But thank you so much sweet pea. 

emilysugars replied to your post: Has anyone ever told you that you kinda look like…

I agree!!

zombie—kitten replied to your post: Has anyone ever told you that you kinda look like…

See I’m not the only one! Lol

I think it’s like the chin shape, dimples, eyebrows, and maybe the smile when she’s showing teeth?

nerdy-punk-deactivated20120601: Has anyone ever told you that you kinda look like Rosalie from twilight!? :o lol you guys are both beautiful!

Ha, I have never gotten that one. I’m going to have to go look now. :3

colorwonder: dead ex bestfriend

I still love you with all my heart, things just happen. People grow up and go down different paths. <3 you’re a very strong confident young woman. Beautiful from head to toe. I’ll always love you. Deep down we’ll always be best friends.

teacup-peony: dear person i'm jealous of,

why are you so perfect?! you’re gorgeous in every single way. so natural. so beautiful. so hawt. you get all da sexi men. not fair. 

Anonymous: me and my sister are really really close. except everyone prefers her because shes more confident and now she has a boyfried and i just feel really left behind. just had to get this off my chest, sorry xxx

I’m sorry cupcake, why aren’t you just as confident? I’m sure you’re equally as beautiful inside and out. No reason not to feel strong and confident. Boyfriends don’t define who you are, you do! <3 

Anonymous: i never realized mermaidbound was your blog haha... and i've been following both blogs for quite a while xD

<3 Well now you know. The secret is out. hahah. Thanks for following both, means a lot.

medusasmother: Your blog is beautiful! I love it so much<3

thank you so much lovely. <3 yours is equally as wonderful. 

zombibat: your photos are adorable and you smile is contagious. ALso, your mermaid blog is awesome and I'm so happy to be this week's mermaid <3

awl, well I’m honored to have you be this week’s mermaid. <3 And I definitely have fallen head over heels for your blog.

crimson-falling: I think you are so beautiful.

<3 you are way too sweet! Thank you so much.

Anonymous: I think you're really pretty

awl, I think you’re really sweet. <3 thanks.

Anonymous: I'm having trouble making a page that links to pictures of just me. I want to put it on the side of my page, so I have to add it to the custom html, help! I have no idea what I'm doing:(

It’d be easier for me to help you if you come off anon. <3